Thursday, July 17, 2008

almost a teacher

Today = Mardel's 20% off educational supplies day

I went and it was just lovely. I have all of the posters and bulletin board decorations I could need (for now, at least). Although the music section was only one half of one aisle, I think I found a good number of things. I ventured off into the other subject areas just to check them out and I did decide to purchase a US map and a world map. It's one of my goals to integrate all other areas into music. I know it's not all going to happen this first year, but I hope to get a good start. Geography and spelling, specifically, are my main concerns. I'm excited to learn and figure out new ways to incorporate them into my teaching.

I used to dream of being a teacher. I'd set up my classroom of invisible children and, because I liked to write in red ink on their papers, they always received very bad grades. I loved the idea of teaching though. I believe it can truly change lives.

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