Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SB 834

All this business about Senate Bill 834 is driving me crazy. I haven't talked to one teacher who thinks it's a good or necessary idea. It increases the chance for a reduced salary (as if Oklahoma has room to reduce a teacher's salary), it allows uncertified and unqualified people to step in and do the job, it sets no limit on class size, and it leaves the 'extras' like art teachers, music teachers, and librarians as an option. That last one is my main concern. It's a shame that even after research, we're still having to prove that things like music and art contribute to the whole person. When you take that away, you're not allowing a child to develop in the way that they should and can. It just seems silly that some of us are still having to fight for our place in a child's education. I have yet to figure out why some legislators like this. Here is one quote I read: Senate Bill 834 will eliminate many unfunded mandates that have hamstrung our local school districts. These mandates have negatively impacted their ability to develop innovative approaches and programs to ensure students will indeed master the skills and curriculum necessary to compete once they graduate—whether they go on to college, to a CareerTech, or straight into the workplace. This whole idea just doesn't make sense to me. Anyway, that's my rant for the day. Oh, and on a credit card commercial I saw yesterday they flashed across the screen, "Your approved!" I wanted to scream. Alright, that's all.

(p.s. A few weeks ago, I got to meet/take a picture with/get an autograph from Eric Whitacre!! I mean, whatever, no big deal.)


  1. im just so confused as to why there hasn't been more coverage of this. honestly, im in the education college right now and not ONE professor has said anything. blah. yay for being a teacher. we're so valued. FOR DOING THE HARDEST JOB OUT THERE!!!

  2. You should write a letter to your (our) senator! We just talked about having a voice in policy today in my senior seminar class. And that's fun about eric whitacre!

  3. i am SO jealous about you meeting Eric. OH MY. I would have peed a little.


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