Friday, February 4, 2011

dentist the menace - upstairs and downstairs

I'm really good about brushing my teeth, but when I was young, like any other kid, I didn't like it.

My mom did something with us that I think she might have gotten from her own mom.  She had us pretend that our mouths were like the house she grew up in, which happens to be the house where my grandparents still live.  I was very familiar with this house.  I knew where everything was and I knew who used to sleep where when my mom was a kid.

So, as we'd brush our teeth, she'd say things like, "Okay, go upstairs to Uncle Mark's room ... and now, go downstairs to Mama Lue and Granddad's room ..."  Brushing my teeth was so much more fun that way!

Using the electric toothbrush makes me feel like I'm doing that again.  There is a timer and you are supposed to spend a certain amount of time on each section of your teeth.  At the end, you get a smiley face.  It's the upstairs/downstairs technique but for adults!

Did anyone else have cute little stories or routines when brushing your teeth as a kid?

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