Friday, December 23, 2011

letters to duke - 2 months

December 22, 2011

Dear Duke,

Well, I only thought you made fun noises last month!  The cooing, giggles, and smiles that come from you are the best part of my day.  I'll never forget that night we were in Stillwater and you giggled after a late night feeding.  At first, I was wishing everyone would've gotten to hear it; but the fact that it was just between you and me made it that much sweeter.

You're really focusing in on faces now and it feels like you really know I'm your mom which, of course, melts my heart.  The fact that I can say or do things that make you smile is a great feeling!

Your dad likes to move his phone from side to side and watch your eyes follow it.  When he sings to you or plays guitar, you listen so intently. 

You have had a few explosions this month with poop, pee, and spit up all at the same time.  Although it's gross and sometimes frustrating, it means you get to take a bath.  You aren't in love with baths, but you don't hate them either.  You kinda just sit there with concerned looking eyebrows.  When you're wet in that bathtub, it's almost too much for me!  I just think, "Is this my precious baby??"  After a bath, my favorite thing to do is put you in footie pajamas.  (I pretty much keep you in those all day every day.  They're just too cute!)  Cuddling with you after a bath is just perfect.

During the day, one of your favorite places to lay is on your Baby Einstein playmat.  You come alive when you're looking at that thing!  That's when you really start cooing and making sweet sounds.  You also love looking at the lights on our Christmas tree.  I love to watch you look around and observe everything.  I have my phone out quite a bit taking pictures and videos.  I send them to your dad while he's at work and it makes him so happy.

We've got your schedule down and it's nice to know when you'll be eating, sleeping, and playing during the day.  You eat every 3 (sometimes 3 1/2) hours for around 35-50 minutes.  You spit up a LOT, which is not fun, but we just plan on soaking burp rags, towels, and our clothes every day.  Including your feeding time, you're usually awake around an hour and 20 minutes to an hour and a half.  By that point, you are ready for a nap!  Your naps are usually an hour and a half to two hours. 

Around 6-7 weeks, you hinted at sleeping through the night, giving us 6 or 7 hour stretches.  But by 8 weeks, you consistently started sleeping 8 hours at night.  I remember walking into your room after the first night of sleeping 8 hours.  I kept saying, "Thank you, Duke!"  8 hours of sleep makes your mom a nicer person. :)

We were a little more adventurous this month.  We took you to Cuppies and Joe twice and you did a great job!  When your dad and I need some time out, we'll grab some coffee and just drive around with you.  You love your carseat and you always fall asleep.

We found out at your 2 month appointment that you are 11 lbs. 5 oz. and 23 1/2 inches long.  You also did something at your appointment that you had never done before ... you rolled over from tummy to back!  I was so proud!  You can reach things on your playmat and bouncer that you were never able to reach before.

I'm thankful for 2 months with you and look forward to celebrating our first Christmas together.  I love you, sweet Duke.


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  1. Riggs was a major spitter-upper too...thought I might go crazy with all the laundry, but I got used to smelling like sour milk ;) You're doing a great job, Claire!!!


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