Thursday, April 26, 2012

letters to duke - 6 months

April 22, 2012

Dear Duke,

You are half a year!  Can you even believe it?!  I know I can't.  The day you turned 6 months was celebrated by putting you in the nursery for the first time at church and going out to Kaiser's for lunch with all of our friends.

You weigh 15 lbs. 6 oz. (yessss!) and are 28 inches long (the 98th percentile).  Yes, it is official that you are one long and lean boy.  Your doctor was very happy with everything and I am so excited. :)

You've been eating 6 times a day for about 15 minutes.  Breakfast and lunch feedings were supplemented with rice and dinner was supplemented with a veggie.  But the past few days we've gone back to 5 feedings and that has worked really well.  The 3 main meals are supplemented with a combo of fruits, veggies, and rice.  So far, we've introduced you to carrots, green beans, squash, bananas, and applesauce.

You sometimes make a murmuring/moaning sound as you eat, so meal time is usually not a quiet time. :)  Dinner time is pretty interesting, as spit up can display itself in a variety of colors.  Once we stick you in your high chair and you are in sitting position, you immediately spit up.

And while we're on that topic, yes, you are still spitting up ... a lot.  You're still on Prevacid so it's not painful, but it sure does make for some messy days.  You are more often than not wrapped in a huge towel.

You are averaging 9.5-10 hours of sleep a night and you are still a great sleeper.  You definitely get 3 naps a day and sometimes 4 if you're extra fussy.  You've discovered how fun it is to pull on your bumper and sleep on your tummy.

You are quite the character.  Not only are you still full of smiles and laughs, but you are enjoying making motor boat noises and other little baby talk/babbling sounds.  You roll over both ways with ease and can get from one part of the floor to the other very quickly!  You think it's absolutely hilarious when we shake our hair in your face or when we say things like, "Tootsie wootsie!" and, "We're ... OFF to see the wizard!"  Sometimes I feel like you get our jokes and humor by the way you respond to things.  It is so much fun.  You love to shake your head back and forth like a crazy person too.

Although I do think you're teething, there is still no sign of a tooth.  It's hard to even imagine my little baby getting teeth!

You still love just being on the floor and having space to play.  We're working with you on sitting up right now even though you'd rather be a little roly poly!

I love the way your eyes squint when you laugh and the way your dimples show up all throughout the day.  I love the way you watch my fingers snap and how you reach out with both hands for everything.  You are an absolute joy to be around.  I love you, precious boy.


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  1. Oh gosh, your mention of spitting up after starting solid foods brought back memories! I'll never forget feeding Riggs some homemade baby food that included berries, and him spitting up bluish purple spit up all over himself before church. It added a whole new element to my stain removal efforts! Ugh...I feel your pain, girl! Hope you start to see some improvement in the next few months. Riggins' spitting up got better at 9 months, so hopefully you're on the final leg!


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