Friday, June 22, 2012

letters to duke - 8 months

June 22, 2012

Dear Duke,

You have become quite the mobile little man!  You aren't crawling yet, but you're scooting all over the place.  It's pretty impressive!  You get into crawling position and rock back and forth, but you just can't quite get it.  You've taken a couple legit crawling "steps" so I'm sure the real thing is coming soon.  Holding you has become quite the workout as you love climbing and jumping non-stop!

Your next appointment isn't until 9 months, but nurse Sara came over to check your stats.  You weigh 18 lbs. 4 oz. and it looks like you're around 28 1/2 inches long.

You sleep 11 hours every night and take a morning and afternoon nap each day.  Your morning nap is usually 2-2.5 hours and your afternoon nap is around 2 hours.  Waketime before those naps is 1.5 hours.  We're still going back and forth with your 3rd (evening) nap.  You certainly don't want it but most days you need time to rest and rejuvenate.  Sometimes we just take you on a walk so you can doze off for a bit.  You wake up in the morning around 8:00-8:15 and you go to bed around 9:00-9:15.

You eat 5 times a day, 3 of which are supplemented with fruits, veggies, and rice cereal.  You're only nursing for about 12-15 minutes.  After lunch and dinner, we give you "sippy cup time" as we call it.  You still haven't quite figured out how to suck the juice out of the cup but we let you experiment with it each day.  You love chewing and sucking on oranges in the mesh food feeder.  We're thinking you may not be a huge fan of peas and peaches, so we're giving you a break on those things.  We'll try them again in a few weeks.

We've pretty much phased out the use of the nursing cover.  You are crazy while nursing so I just go into another room to feed you.  Sometimes you'll talk while nursing or pull yourself up to standing when you're done.  You make me laugh and we exchange a lot of smiles when I'm feeding you.

You are spitting up SO much less!  It's incredible!  I'd say you're spitting up around 3-6 times a day which is unheard of for us.  We've even gone back to using burp cloths instead of towels!  Six days ago, we stopped giving you Prevacid.  We just wanted to see how you'd do and so far so good.

You sit up all alone and very confidently.  You love playing with your toys and looking at yourself in the mirror.  You are also very intrigued with your shadow.  You like to be in your Step n' Play piano and sit on my lap at the real piano, banging away at the keys. You've started to use your thumb and finger together to grab, touch, and feel things.  And you are very cautious when you pick up new things.  Your hand goes toward and then away from the object several times before actually reaching out and grabbing it.  Your dad and I think this is really funny to watch.

You spent a weekend at the lake with my friends and me and you loved it.  You just love water in general.  Bathtime is so much fun!  You like to play with your yellow ducky and you are becoming quite the pro at splashing.

Your first tooth made its appearance this month on your dad's birthday, June 3rd.  You were, and still are, so fascinated by it!

Your babbling noises are just precious to me.  I love hearing every little sound that comes out of your mouth.  You've learned that when we put our hand up to your mouth and pat it really fast, you are supposed to let out long noises.  This is one of our favorite things you do.

A lot of your evenings the past couple of weeks were occupied with watching the Thunder play in the NBA finals.  I know your dad is excited for the day when you can really watch and cheer like a crazy man with him.

Just so you know, I call you my "baby boo."  I know, it doesn't make any sense.  I've called you that since you were born and it may be a hard habit to break.  But I'll try to stop by the time you're 16. :)

We take pictures and videos of you all of the time.  You are always smiling and you laugh so hard at the most ridiculous things.  I could listen to your laugh all day long.

I love you so much.  You are so precious to me.


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