Wednesday, August 22, 2012

letters to duke - 10 months

August 22, 2012

Dear Duke,

My sweet boy is 10 months!  It's hard to believe.

You're eating 5 times a day, 3 of which are supplemented with fruit, veggies, and rice cereal.  You're still nursing for around 8-12 minutes.  A skill you have perfected is picking up little pieces of food (like the Gerber cereal puffs) and putting them in your mouth.  It is so fascinating to watch you do it.

You sleep 11.5-12 hours at night and take 2 really good naps (morning and afternoon).  Those are both somewhere around 1.5-2.5 hours.  The past several days you haven't fallen asleep at all for the evening cat nap, so I'm thinking you might officially be done with it.  Waketime before the first 2 naps is usually 1.5 hours but sometimes closer 2 hours depending on what we're doing or if we're out.

Your whole look has changed now that you have a total of 6 (yes, 6!) teeth.  As top teeth have come in, you curiously feel them with your thumb.  You got your top 2 laterals pretty soon after you turned 9 months.  Then, your top left front tooth came in and a few days later, your right one made its way down.  It was a crazy couple weeks of teething!  You usually are just a bit whiny when you teethe, but with 4 teeth coming in within days of each other, you were not happy.  I got some really good cuddling time in with you though.

Speaking of cuddling, you are not usually a cuddler.  You are always on the move and you always have something to do.  You love to bang objects against each other, clap your hands, hit your hands against the wall, and pull up on everything.  You are still crawling the funny crawl - one knee down and one foot down.  Another funny thing you love to do is sit on the floor and scoot around and around in circles using your feet.

Your sounds are just precious.  You make lots of "ba-ba" and "ha-da" noises.  You have also really explored your dynamics, as you will babble really loudly one moment and the next, you whisper.  Your whispering voice is so sweet.

So far, we're working on the signs for "all done," "more," "please," and "no."  You haven't done these back to us yet, but sometimes after I sign and say "all done," you'll make a noise like "ah-dah."

You love looking out windows.  You will sometimes just sit and look outside for several minutes at a time.  You love being outside and crawling around on the concrete.  One day you sneakily put a leaf in your mouth without me seeing and started to gag.  You gave me quite the scare, but luckily I got it out with my fingers!  Although I don't want you eating leaves, I love to think about you being an outdoorsy boy.  You and your dad are going to have so many fun adventures!

One of your new favorite places to be is right inside the refrigerator door when I open it up.  I don't know what or who you're talking to in there, but you guys must be pretty good friends.  You always have lots to say once that fridge door opens up!

The toys you love the most are your blocks, balls, and your big monkey.  You have just recently started grabbing up the monkey and giving the biggest hugs and kisses to it.  It is the sweetest thing!

This month, you actually sit still long enough to finish a short book.  You love "Brown Bear, Brown Bear."  Sometimes we just flip through the pictures and I make all of the animal noises for you.  I've also discovered that making these animal noises while I change your diaper helps you not to be so squirmy!  Your favorite noises are the horse, dog, and frog.

Something I've noticed about you is how cautious you are.  When getting down from standing, you move slowly and squat until your bottom is all the way down or really close to the floor.  You are very thoughtful in how you move and what you do.  You definitely get this from your mama!

Duke, I can't put into words the way you make me feel.  Sometimes your dad and I sit in bed at night and just smile thinking about you.  We just can't believe you're ours.  We feel so blessed.  I love you, precious boy.



  1. I love how similar he and Lu are! She is in the process of getting all 4 top teeth right now and good grief, it's about to do me in! And I'll have to try animal noises next time I change her diaper... currently it's a little like wrestling an alligator when I change her! Seriously- we need to get together with the kids sometime! :)

    1. Yes, we really do need to get together!! I bet it would be hilarious watching them both! (And I hope the animal noises work for you! haha)


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