Tuesday, February 26, 2013

letters to duke - 16 months

February 22, 2013

Dear Duke,

At 15 months, you weighed 24 lbs. and 10 oz. (50th percentile) and were 32.5 in. tall (85th percentile).  On your growth chart, you've showed a pretty steady climb, but from 12 to 15 months, you made a huge jump.  You are obviously a fan of people food!  You dropped your morning nap at about 15 1/2 months, so you take one afternoon nap that lasts around 3 hours.  You sleep 12-13.5 hours at night. 

Your vocabulary is expanding every day!  You say "ga-ga" for "all gone" and "baa" for "bye," while waving your hand abruptly.  One of my favorite things to do is watch you wave/say "hi" and "bye" to random people at the grocery store.  I am forced to strike up conversations with anyone and everyone when I'm out and about with you!  When you're confused, looking for something, or just wandering around, you'll say "caa??" with your hands out in a why position.  For sign language, you're still just doing "please," "more," and "all done."  In general, I'm so impressed with how much language you really do understand.  It's exciting to imagine actually having conversations with you someday!

A memorable moment this past month happened when I was vacuuming.  Although the vacuum doesn't make you cry like it used to, you're still not a huge fan.  You pace around the room, very worried.  When I finished, I put the vacuum away and told you to say "bye bye" to the vacuum.  Very intensely and almost violently, you waved "bye" and shouted "baaa!!  baaa!!  baaa!!"  I laughed so hard!

You love, love, love to read.  Truly, we could sit and read books all day, but your mom might go a little crazy. :)  One of your new favorites is "Go, Dog, Go."  You emphatically yell "Go!  Go!" as we read it.  It is absolutely heart-melting to watch you strategically pick out a book, walk over to me, and put it in my lap.  Sometimes I'll even find you sitting, looking at a book, and flipping through its pages all on your own.  It's a precious sight.

Because you notice the inflection in our voices when we ask questions, you always respond with something.  Typically, you respond with a "no" or "yeah" sound.  Sometimes, for fun, we ask you random questions just to see what you'll answer. 

As far as food goes, you will pretty much eat anything.  You've picked up on the fact that we blow on your food if it's too hot, so you blow along with us.  It's so cute!  We've had to completely cut out dairy.  It wasn't agreeing with your stomach, so we're going to have to reintroduce it later on.  I was sad about this because you absolutely love cheese, yogurt, and anything with sour cream in it.  But, hopefully, you'll grow out of this no-dairy stage.  You've just now started to become extra interested in the spoon and I can tell you're wanting to feed yourself. 

You've discovered how to run, how to do a crazy side shuffle, and how to crawl onto couch.  These are all scary things for a little boy like you who is 100% boy and a mom like me who doesn't want another visit to the ER.  Oh, yes, did I mention we had a little accident around 15 months?  You were right next to the brick fireplace and bent down suddenly.  Five stitches later, the gash in your eyebrow was taken care of.  It was not a fun time and we were all glad when it was over!

Sitting in your lion chair or rocking chair are fun new activities for you.  I think it makes you feel like such a big person.  You love to carry around your little hammer as you play around the house.  Throwing balls and other various things is what you spend a lot of your day doing.  You and I carry on little gibberish conversations all throughout the day, but the music to my ears is hearing you say "mama."  I could listen to it on repeat.  We've been working on your animal noises and so far, you've mastered the dog, horse, and duck.  We're still working on the cat.  You can identify so many features on your face - head, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

You turn me into mush when you say my name or give me sugars, Eskimo kisses, or hugs.  Duke, my heart is just bursting with love for you, I can hardly contain it.  I have enjoyed seeing you turn into even more of a little boy.  You are so curious about everything.  I hope I can continue to inspire this curiosity and watch as it leads to creativity.  I see such great things in you, Duke.  I love my life with you.


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