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letters to duke - 22 months

August 22, 2013

Dear Duke,

It's been amazing to me how clearly we're communicating these days!  You can repeat any words we say, which can be scary.  One day I said "hate" in reference to something and you began saying the word over and over.  I'm going to have to be extra careful!  You can tell me exactly what you want or see or hear.  I love that I'm getting to understand more and more of your little world.

I love hearing funny words come out of your mouth - like "cackook" (cracker) or "hee ho" (thank you).  You've gotten a lot better at saying, "Help," when you need it instead of getting frustrated. 

You lose your temper like the rest of the toddler population, but for the most part, you're a pretty obedient child.  Your visits to time out are typically due to an issue with screaming or tantrums because you didn't get what you wanted - not because of hitting or biting or deliberately disobeying.  Although this can change in an instant and I know many of these things are probably still to come, we feel very blessed that they are not issues right now. 

You have always been a book lover, but these past 2 months have consisted of LOTS of book reading.  We never made reading a consistent part of your bedtime routine (although we've done it many times), but you now request a book every time you go down for a nap and for bed.  It never fails.  I love that it's something you've chosen for us to do.  Your dad and I love reading to you.  Some of your favorites right now are "David Goes to School," (in which we shout, "No!  No!" at David the whole time) and "Cinderella" (in which we discuss who is "nice" and who is "mean").  Many times, you can be found sitting in your own little corner flipping through pages of books.  Sometimes I just stare at you and marvel at how sweet you are.

One of my most favorite things to do is sing to you and let you finish the ends of phrases.  We do this with "Jesus Loves Me," "God is So Good," "1-2 Buckle My Shoe," "Bushel and a Peck," "Twinkle, Twinkle," and "Itsy Bitsy Spider."  When you first started doing it on "Itsy Bisty Spider," you continually said "pout" (spout) at the end of each phrase no matter what.  ("Out came the sun and dried up all the ... pout.")  Your pitch is right on most of the time!  And if it's not, you're moving in the right direction melodically.  It's enough to make this musician's heart melt.  You hum through all of "Twinkle, Twinkle" on your own.  You always sing "E I E I O" when the song comes on and are so proud of yourself.  It's a gift to hear you sing.

You are a pretty particular kid when it comes to normal life things.  You're very cautious when trying something new.  You really don't like flies.  You like putting things (like your toothbrush) back where you found them.  You'll say, "Back!  Back!" until things are in their place.  Things that you call "shoo wee!" aren't necessarily all "dirty" things.  If you see something out of place (like a string hanging off of your bumper), then you refer to it as "shoo wee."  The first time I finally understood what you were talking about I laughed so hard.  You are your mother's child.

You aren't a fan of being messy (as in sticky/food messy), but you don't mind dirt and you certainly don't mind being wet.  You love going to the splash pad with your friends and getting completely drenched.  Your usually cautious attitude gets thrown out the window!

Some new skills you've learned are putting shapes in the correct spots in your cookie jar.  You're starting to become interested in puzzles as well.  Sometimes you help with the dishes by throwing them over into the sink.  Of course you love running, but you've also recently learned to jump.  I love watching you do this! 

You sleep anywhere from 12-14 hours at night and you take one nap that lasts anywhere from 2-3 hours.  You're still in your crib and I don't plan on moving you until you make it very obvious that a crib just won't work for you anymore.  Lately, you've been giving a lot of potty training cues.  You use the words "poop" and "potty" and seem to be noticing when they're happening.  Most of the time, you act uneasy about it.  I don't want to push you at all, so I just talk about it with you and we take a lot of trips down the hall to look at the toilet.  Thinking about that whole phase seems a bit overwhelming at this point!

You're a pretty good eater, but when you're not, I don't worry too much.  You know what to expect since we've always had a routine/schedule, so you know exactly when it's time to eat.  Because our microwave and toaster oven go "ding" when food is done, you now associate "ding" with being ready to eat.  You'll say, "Ding!" to us as we're preparing a meal as if to say you need it right now.  Your dad and I love this.  We finally switched over to chocolate milk.  After having to switch to soy milk right at one year and then switching back to whole milk a few months ago, the process has kept you pretty disinterested in milk as a whole.  You weren't drinking any, but after throwing in a bit of chocolate syrup, you're completely into it.  But I guess chocolate milk is better than no milk!

You love getting a "bite" (snow cone) at night after dinner.  Before the snow cone stand is even in sight, you begin saying, "Bite!  Bite!" because you know exactly where we are.  At first, it was really hard for you to wait patiently in the car line.  You would whine the entire time.  But now, you sit quietly and wait.  Your dad and I are always so impressed with you!  We usually go home and sit on our front porch swing, just the 3 of us, to eat our snow cones.  You say, "bite," in between each bite and when you just can't handle the goodness of it, you get up, run to the tree, and come back for another one.

You've had some really sweet moments this month.  I love when you put your animals down or hug them and say, "Night night."  I love when you come up behind me and wrap both arms around me.  I could live in that moment for a long time.  I love when you say, "I know," after we sing "Jesus Loves Me."  I love how you yell, "Bye," from your crib about 5 times after we put you down for bed.  I love how you play with my hair when I'm holding you.

I love to snuggle you up like you're still my baby (except your 7.5 size shoes are huge and knock me in the side while you're flailing to get loose).  Oh well.  I'll do that forever until you really won't let me.  I'm trying to soak in everything, Duke, because now more than ever, I'm realizing your "baby-ness" is leaving.  You will always be my baby, Duke.  Always.  But you won't always look like a baby.  This is hard for me to grasp sometimes.

I love watching you grow and become the person God has made you to be.  I will always love you so deeply that it hurts (the good kind of hurt that us moms feel).  Just know that I love getting to see you first thing every morning and last thing every night.  What a privilege it is to be called "mom" by you.  I love you, my Duke.


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  1. He sounds so sweet! What a nice post for him to have later on.


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