Tuesday, October 22, 2013

letters to duke - 2 years

October 22, 2013

Dear Duke,

Your second year of life went way faster than your first!  I cannot even believe you are two years old!  Every day with you is more fun than the last and I have loved getting to know your little personality more in this past year.

As we've approached this 2 year mark, you've become quite a bit spicier!  There was a new amount of sass you displayed with you got your first haircut at 22 months, but you've displayed even more attitude as it's gotten closer to your birthday.  But even though you have a lot of preferences and want things your way, you truly are a pretty easy kid.  You are a joy to share my days with.

You sleep 12-13 hours at night and your afternoon naps are anywhere from 2-3.5 hours (mostly closer to to 2-2.5 mark on the average day).  You're a pretty good eater - especially when we bribe you with fruit.  That's your favorite part of any meal.  You weigh 29 lbs. and 10 oz. and are 37 in. tall (98th percentile!).

You love brushing your teeth, although you still don't understand the concept of spitting.  We're trying though!  You also like blowing your nose.  You're still trying to get the hang of it, but you enjoy talking about "boogers" and getting them out.  (A true boy!)

You are my professional fly watcher.  Anytime there has been a fly in our house, I ask you to watch it while I go grab the flyswatter.  You narrate its every move until I come back to swat it.  I know that's so small, but little things like that can make me all emotional.  You're like my little partner in crime.  I have just loved how much time we've gotten to spend together, just us.

You are so good at putting single words together to tell stories or remember events from days past.  For example, one day we went to a class at the library and you recalled the day like this, "Bybaby (library), button (we touched some buttons), song (we sang a song), boom boom (we played a drum), yay (we clapped and said, 'yay,' after the songs), fun!"  It was the perfect little recap!

I love hearing you respond with an excited, "Yes!" or, "Okay!" to things we ask you.  I love that you remember peoples' names.  I love that you repeat everything we say (which has also caused your dad and I to need to be extra careful about what we say.  "Silly" has replaced a lot of other adjectives we would typically use to describe something.)  My most favorite words/phrases you say are "Funnah" (thunder), "Almost!", and, "Come on!" 

You're loving all of your weekly activities - Sunday morning church, Monday morning MOMS group, Wednesday MDO, Wednesday night church.  You love all of your teachers and both of us have really adjusted to having some time by ourselves each week.  Although it was hard in the beginning to allow 2 strangers take care of you for a whole day at MDO, I've seen how you love going.  You smile and say, "Fun!" when we talk about "school."  I love knowing you're enjoying yourself while learning how to follow other adults' instructions and play with new friends.

When I look back on 2 year old Duke, these are the words or phrases I would use to describe you:  loves to please, curious, funny, loving, particular, a rule-follower, handsome, observant, talkative, playful, cautious, and sensitive.

Later on in life, if you ask me about specific day-to-day things in your toddler life, I may not remember the details.  But I will always remember how much fun you are, how you lunge in and lean your head to give hugs, how you hug, kiss, and put toys/stuffed animals "night night," how you pause and tell me about every noise that you hear, how you love playing any game that involves "boo!", how you love to sing, and how sweet it is to kiss your precious cheeks and little lips.

When I look forward into the future, I imagine who you'll be.  Based on what I know of you now, I think you're going to be a very sensitive guy.  We'll do our best to help you know that it's okay to feel hurt while also assuring you that a lot of times in this world, you just have to brush some things off.  I think you're going to be funny.  Use your humor to make people laugh and feel good about themselves - not the other way around.  I think you're going to be compassionate.  I hope you embrace this and run with it.  Compassion is hard to learn, so if it's already in your nature, you are one step ahead!  Love the unloved kids, always include others, stand up for the underdog, and let your heart be stirred by injustices.

Duke, you are such a gift to us.  We haven't done anything to deserve such a precious little person in our lives.  We've been abundantly blessed by God, that's for sure.  Now that I'm crying and trying not to let my nose run onto my laptop, I want to say that I love you so, so much.  You are better than all my dreams.  I will fight for you and be on your side for the rest of your life.


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