Tuesday, July 1, 2014

letters to nova - 1 month

June 29th, 2014

Dear Nova,

So much has happened in one tiny little month!

It's been a pretty wild ride with you, sweet girl.  After almost a month of trying every possible thing (besides surgery) to get you to nurse efficiently, there was just nothing left to do.  It had been about 4 weeks and you still weren't back at your birth weight.  It was obvious that nursing wasn't getting any easier for you.  We wanted your little belly to be full, so we had to come to a decision.  Your daddy and I decided it was best to call it quits and do the pumping route for as long as we can.  One day when you read this, you may wonder why it was such a big deal.  For my own peace of mind, I want you to know that I did everything I possibly could to make nursing work for the two of us.  You were worth the fight, but in the end, I needed to make sure my sweet girl was satisfied and thriving.

You have good days and bad days with naps, and you're doing one 4-5 hour stretch between feedings at night.  During the day, your optimal waketime seems to be close to 50 minutes.  You're eating 3-3.5 oz. 8-9 times a day (which is basically every 2.5-3 hours during the day).  Because we're feeding you breastmilk from a bottle, I know exactly what you're getting!  It's too early to say for sure, but I think you may have acid reflux like your brother.  We're trying some Zantac to see if that will help with the pain.  I'm hoping you have relief soon!

We're not getting out too much right now.  If we do, we go to simple places like the bank, Sonic, or Jmama's house.  It's nice for me to get out and see the world and it's nice for Duke to have a change of pace.  I've really enjoyed my days at home with you on Wednesdays while Duke is at MDO.  It's great to have one day when I can just focus on you.

This is a small thing, but something I'm really grateful for is the uneventful weather we've had this past month.  Although there have been many earthquakes, we have had zero tornado scares.  It's pretty unheard of for Oklahoma!  Also, we've had a ton of rain, so the earth is very green and very pretty right now.

Just between you and me, you have your daddy wrapped around your little finger.  He loves you so much, Nova, and would do absolutely anything to protect you and make sure you are okay.  I can't wait to see your daddy/daughter bond grow even more.

When we talk about our favorite things about you, we always talk about your eyes.  They melt us.  We love the way you look at us when your head rests up on our shoulder.  You've also given us some really great smiles and made some precious noises.

Your big brother Duke loves you and I know he can't wait until the day he gets to actually play with you.  For now, your interaction consists of him talking to you in your bouncer, tickling your feet, and saying things like, "It's okay, baby Nova," when you cry.  (Or sometimes he'll angrily yell, "Stop!" when you cry.  But we'll just focus on the sweeter moments. :))  Several times your dad and I will sing in the car if you're crying, but it's not until Duke starts singing that you actually quiet down.  You seem to really respond to him.

Nova, you are very loved.  I'm so glad you're my girl.


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