Wednesday, July 30, 2014

letters to nova - 2 months

July 29, 2014

Dear Nova,

You are a precious little thing.  I love hearing you coo and make all of your high squeals.  Watching you smile and seeing your face light up when I talk to you never gets old.  I am fully engulfed and memorized by it each time.

As of now, you seem to take a paci, which is something Duke never did.  We really only use it if you're fussy when we're out and about.  Another thing you seem to enjoy is being worn.  I've carried you in the Baby Bjorn several times now and it's been a success.  I'm excited about this!

You're still on Zantac and it has totally relieved you of any pain after eating.  You're also not really spitting up, which is so amazing to me!  Right now, it's better for us to feed you the entire bottle without burping in the middle.  If we stop halfway, you act like you don't want anymore. 

You love the Baby Einstein playmat and just having your own space to stretch and move around.  You've discovered that sucking your hands is a fun activity.

Your daytime schedule is fairly predictable with eating, waking, and sleeping.  You're generally eating 4 oz. at each feeding, and your optimal waketime is an hour and 10 minutes.  Your night sleep has been pretty inconsistent.  Some nights are awesome and some nights are pretty tiring.  You went 6.5 hours between feedings on the night of July 4th (about 5 weeks old).  It was a lovely little gift for your dad and I, but it was just a one-time deal.  For the most part, your nights have only been 4-4.5 (maybe 5) hours between feedings.  However, the past few nights you've done 8.5-9 hours, so it looks like we may be landing on some kind of rhythm.  At least we know you're capable of going longer!  It's just a matter of getting your late evening feedings at the right time so you can do those long chunks when your dad and I are sleeping.

I gave up pumping, Nova.  It's been very hard letting go of this, but I knew it was best.  At 7 weeks, we started doing bottles of half formula and half breastmilk.  By tomorrow, we'll be switched over completely to formula.  I'm still mourning the loss of breastfeeding you, but I have loved watching you grow and gain weight like you should.  At 2 months, you weigh 11 lbs. 8 oz. (55th percentile) and you are 24 in. long (97th percentile).  You're a healthy, happy, smiley baby and I'm incredibly grateful for that.

I love having you in our home.  Our family puzzle feels more complete now that you're here.  I love you, my precious girl.


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  1. What a sweet pea. Ben is sitting on my lap and says "bebe bebe bebe" over and over again. I hope the nighttime sleep gets more consistent for you! I'm sorry about the breastfeeding, but you have such a great attitude about it. Pumping is so exhausting...I always said if I had to pump as much as I did with Ben and I had another child it would have never worked.


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