Friday, January 30, 2015

letters to nova - 8 months

January 29, 2015

Dear Nova,

You have learned so much this month!  You're sitting all by yourself (without me needing to put pillows around you in case you tip over) and you can go from sitting to lying down.  You have started to scoot a bit and will get in a crawling position, but won't actually crawl.  You're definitely thinking about it though!

You're such an easy baby, but this month you've have a lot of wonky sleep days.  11-12 hours of night sleep is always dependable, but naps have been weird.  A lot of days, you'll stay in your crib for the normal duration of the nap, but you'll be in and out of sleep, making noise, fussing, kicking your crib, or just talking.  Typically, the first two are anywhere from 1.5-2 hours (occasionally 2.5 hours) and the third nap is just a catnap (ranging from 25 minutes to an hour).  I think we're definitely in a transitional phase with naps.  There have been a few days with no third nap because your first two were so nice and long. 

You still don't have any teeth, but all of your random wakings during naps have made me think that maybe you're working on one.  Who knows!  Something I have learned about you is that you will do things in your own time and not on any kind of timeline.  I think initially that may sound like a negative/stubborn/rebellious thing, but it's not.  You just take your time.  It's precious and it's something I love about your personality.  I pray that I can help foster the valuable things in a quality like that - that you will be someone who makes thoughtful decisions, someone who thinks before you act or speak, someone who doesn't do things just because everyone else is.  Taking your time and doing things on your own terms are admirable qualities.

You are such a go-with-the-flow kind of baby.  Even if you have weird naps, you are so happy.  I can push your waketimes or hold you off for feedings and you do just fine!  I love your flexibility.  (Although I think I've improved and am always working on it, you definitely got this go-with-the-flow thing from your dad.)

You have 5 feeding periods (3 solid feedings and 4 liquid feedings) and are still loving all of your fruits and veggies.  You weigh 18 lbs. 12 oz. and are in mostly 12 month clothes!

You are just the sweetest thing.  When you're on your changing table in just a diaper, I want to eat you up.  I cover you with sugars and make you giggle until you can't stand it anymore.  You love playing with your brother.  He makes you laugh so hard when he plays "Where's Nova? ... There she is!"  You are so fascinated by him and all of his car noises - you even mimic him sometimes!  I love when you shake your head back and forth while smiling.  I love all of your gibberish and when you wave "hi" and "bye."  You also do this little lamb giggle almost constantly.  It's unbelievably cute.

Nova, you are a joy and a light in our lives!  All three of us adore you.


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