Friday, April 3, 2015

letters to nova - 10 months

March 29, 2015

This past month has been a big one for you!

A week or so ago, you finally got the long-awaited tubes put in your ears.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it is knowing that you are not in constant pain!  You did so well with the procedure (it only took 3 minutes!) and I was so proud of you.

You have completely transitioned from mashed, chunky foods to all finger foods.  We do a mix of you picking up/eating the food on your own and me putting it in your mouth.  You eat anything and everything we put in front of you.  We have yet to see you dislike something.  You also still have 4 bottles a day.

Most days, your morning nap is really short - like 45 minutes to an hour.  I've learned that is your norm.  You still take a great 2-2.5 (occasionally 3) hour afternoon nap.  I have a feeling you'll drop your morning nap a bit sooner than Duke, so already having a catnap for the AM is just fine with me.  At night, you sleep 11.5-12 hours.

You are crawling (real crawling) like a pro, but still not pulling up to standing yet.  (Fine with me!  I know the new freedoms that skill creates!)  Also, you finally got your FIRST tooth!  A few days before you turned 10 months, I felt around on your bottom gums and there it was poking through!  

Each month, I see you and Duke grow more and more into little buddies.  You took your first bath together, which was full of constant giggles and splashing.  He has helped feed you and put food in your mouth at the table.  You imitate him and all of his sounds he makes.  Many times, you all will happily scream back and forth at each other.  It's really sweet, but also ... really loud!

There are so many things I want to remember about you at 10 months.  The way you put your arm up by your face when you're shy.  The way you "cheese" smile at us.  The way you "dance" in your high chair by swaying side to side.  Your expanding babbling vocabulary.  Your strawberry-ish colored hair and the way it's starting to curl up.

I love you, my sweet baby.


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