Monday, May 4, 2015

letters to nova - 11 months

April 29, 2014

Dear Nova,

You are so much fun.  My goodness, Nova, I can't get enough of you.  You are full of smiles and lamb-like laughs.  You love to play with Duke's cars and imitate all of his car noises he makes.  You also love to clap, play peek-a-boo, and bang toys together.  I'd say your most favorite activity is taking a bath with your brother.  When I say "bath" or when you hear the water running, you get so excited! 

You're still taking 2 naps a day.  We cap the morning nap off around 45 minutes to an hour.  Your afternoon nap can be anywhere from 1.5-3.5 hours, but on a typical day it's closer to 2 hours.  You're sleeping 12-12.5 hours at night.  You go to sleep happy and, most of the time, wake up happy. 

You have been on ear drops and antibiotics for an ear infection you got after having your tubes.  It's all cleared up, but we're crossing our fingers it doesn't happen again for awhile. 

You now have a whopping 2 teeth!  I love your little toothy smile you're starting to get.  You still love everything we feed you, but you seem to love your carbs most of all.  (You get that from me. :))  Plain rotini noodles are your favorite.  You are constantly pulling up on everything and moving from place to place by holding on.

We're still in a bit of a clingy phase.  When I drop you off in the church nursery (which has happened 1-2 times a week for almost your whole life), you cry every time.  You've done this for a couple months now and although I'm used it, I'm excited for the day when you go to the nursery workers happily!  You always calm down though and enjoy being in there.  You take a little catnap at church every Sunday morning so I know that deep down, you are very comfortable there.  I love knowing that you are so well-loved and taken care of. 

I am so in love with you, Nova-new.


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