Monday, June 8, 2015

letters to nova - 12 months

May 29, 2014

Dear Nova,

My sweet Nova, what a year!  It has gone by so incredibly fast.

You've had a semi-rough year with all of your illnesses (ear infections, bronchiolitis, breathing treatments, pink eye, stomach virus, hospitalized for dehydration).  You've had 3 ear infections since you got your tubes a couple months ago, so it looks like we may just be dealing with these until your ears mature.  But the scariest of all of these was the dehydration.  You were so listless and not yourself at all.  As we rushed to the ER, I had Duke talk to you to try and keep you awake and alert.  Thankfully, you just needed some fluids.  We stayed overnight and once all of your levels were normal, we got to go home.  Although it feels like sickness follows you around, the word "sickly" does not describe you.  You are a strong, thriving, and active baby.

Even though you're not as consistent of a sleeper as Duke was, it is still very obvious that you love your sleep.  When I tell you that it's time to go "nighny-no," you light up, start smiling, and hold your arms out like you're ready to be picked up and put in your crib.  You're still taking 2 naps - the morning nap is around 45 minutes and the afternoon nap is around 2-3 hours.  You sleep 12-12.5 hours at night.

At your appointment, you weighed 21 lbs. and 8 oz. (75th percentile) and were 31 in. long (96th percentile).  You're still eating very well.  We've started to phase out the bottle and by 13 months, I plan on being completely done with it.  So far, you are not a fan of whole milk (like your brother), but I'm still crossing my fingers that it may change!

Since you've only got those 2 bottom teeth, we still get to enjoy a very gummy smile!  You're pulling up and moving around well, but have yet to stand alone or take a step.  The words you are saying most right now are dada, thank you, cheese, Duke, and all gone.  Hearing your little voice speak these words in your own way is so precious.

Every morning when I go in to get you up, Duke yells, "Doo doo!" from the kitchen table.  I'm not sure why he started doing this, but ever since, you have copied him and yell, "Doo doo!" back to him from your crib as I get you out.  Both of you are so excited to see each other in the morning.  Duke loves you so much and even though we still have to remind him how to play gently, he does a pretty good job at getting on your level.  You guys make each other laugh and chase each other around the house while crawling.  It's been wonderful seeing the two of you enjoy each others' company. 

I love the way you dance side to side in your high chair.  I love the way you crawl with one hand palm up while you're holding a toy.  I love the way you bury your open mouth on me when giving me a sugar.  I love your curly, strawberry blonde-ish hair.  You have added such a brightness to our lives this past year.  You have been the perfect little addition to our family and have made all of us better people in the process.  You're learning from us, but we're learning from you too. 

Thank you for being the most wonderful little girl I've ever known.  I can't believe God chose us to be your parents.  We are truly blessed.  I love you, my precious Nova girl.


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