Thursday, October 1, 2015

letters to nova - 16 months

September 29, 2015

Dear Nova,

At 15 months, you weighed almost 24 lbs. and were 33 in. long (99th percentile).  You sleep 12-12.5 hours at night and take a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.  You still wear your sleepsack for naps and night sleep, but there have been several times after naptime that you have taken it completely off (while completely zipped up) and thrown in onto the floor.  You seem to have moved past that phase, but it is something Duke never did so I found it very interesting! 

You're still eating everything in sight.  However, this most recent phase of teething has taken away a good amount of your appetite.  You have 6 teeth right now, but I'd be shocked if there weren't a couple others about to make their way through. 

You love to crawl, scoot, bear crawl, walk on your knees ... but you do not love to walk like a normal person.  You will stand up, say "Gak" (walk), and then plop right back down on the floor.  I don't mind that you're not walking except for the fact that my right arm and my back usually hurt to some degree each day from carrying you.  It's certainly worth it for you, sweet girl, but I'd still love for you to discover the efficiency of walking!  All in your own time though.

One main difference I have noticed between you and Duke (and perhaps this is also a boy/girl difference) is that you have a longer attention span for activities.  You can rock back and forth in a rocking chair for chunks of time.  At the library, you worked on putting these little cylinders into their holes for about 10 minutes one morning.  You can be completely fascinated by the buckles in a booster seat or carseat for long periods of time.  I've loved watching you figure things out and work at them until you get them just the way you want them.

You started school (Kid's Day Out) this month and you've done well!  You and Duke go once a week on the same day so that I can get some alone time.  The most recent drop off was very successful, as you didn't cry while I passed you over the door.  We're still figuring out how to get you to nap well there, but I have faith that you'll get it.  Although sometimes I feel guilty for leaving you for a day, I know that it's the best for both of us.  You get to interact with friends your age and I get to have some time to myself so I can feel refreshed. 

You have a lot of words!  I love hearing your raspy voice talk.  These are the words we hear often from you:  Dada, Shut the door, Hi, Bye bye, What, All done, Please, Thank you, Mama, Duke, Cheese, No, Hold you, Cracker, Eye, Belly, Pretty, Dog, Fan, Light, Car, Hey, Diaper, Burp, Koko, Momo, Walk.

I can tell that disciplining you will be somewhat different than it has been with Duke.  So far we've done the same things - a little arm squeeze when we say no and the occasional timeout.  Almost 100% of the time that we discipline you, you smile, laugh, or imitate us by saying "no!" and squeezing your own arm.  This frustrates us, but also makes us want to burst out laughing all at the same time.

Nova, you are unbelievably loved.  Your dad and I talk all the time about how much we love you.  And many times, Duke will suddenly shout out while you two are playing, "I love my Nova!  She's a sweet little lady!"  All three of our lives would not be the same without you.  You teach me bravery as you climb onto playground toys that are for much bigger kids than you.  You teach me patience as you take your time with milestones.  You teach me sacrifice as you so often just want me to hold you while I'm hustling around trying to accomplish things. 

We are blessed to be able to care for you and love you.  I'm so thankful God gave you to me.


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