Monday, December 14, 2015

letters to nova - 18 months

November 29, 2015

Dear Nova,

Watching your personality unfold has been a joy!  And, my goodness, what a personality you have!  The Lord knew what he was doing when he had me wait almost 2 extra weeks for you and change all my plans for childbirth and breastfeeding.  You are definitely your own person!

You're 33.5 in tall (93rd percentile) and you weigh 25 lbs. 7 oz (83rd percentile).  You're still a great eater.  Some of your current favorites are cherry tomatoes, grapes, and veggie straws.  You sleep 12 hours on average at night and take a 2-3 hour nap every day.

Around 16 months, you stopped crying when we dropped you off at the church nursery or at MDO.  You happily walk in and are ready to play.  That has been such a relief for me to see. 

A couple of weeks before you turned 18 months, you decided to start walking while we were staying at Boat and Jmama's house.  Well, running, really.  You went from crawling to sprinting.  We knew you were holding out on us all along.  You knew how to walk but didn't want to yet.  It doesn't surprise me anymore - you do things in your own time and my schedule-loving self gets to learn from that.

You've got 2 top molars that are almost all of the way in and they have caused quite the ruckus.  The past couple of months have been pretty crazy when it comes to your night sleep.  You wake up a few times a night crying - sometimes needing us to give you some comfort and sometimes soothing yourself right back to sleep.  We're hoping these molars make their way in soon.

You can count to 4 and you understand every little thing I say.  You bring things to the trash for me and tell me when you need your diaper changed (and many times you bring the diaper to me).  You do everything Duke does and it is pretty hilarious to watch you copy him.  You love your brother and he adores you.  Seeing the two of you run around together in the backyard is a beautiful thing.  You say hi to anyone and everyone when we're out and about.  Duke only says hi after you've already said it.  It's been a funny and interesting dynamic to watch the two of you teach each other.

You laugh when you go to time out or when we discipline you.  When you don't get your way, you hurl your body onto the floor, face down, and throw a full-blown tantrum.  It's quite the sight.  We typically ignore you and let you learn that those kinds of reactions don't get you anywhere. 

You say so many things that I can't possibly remember all of the hilarious ones.  But these are some favorites: 
-when you say "not" in response to a question (like "Do you want your water or not?")
-when I say "Let's go change your diaper" and you say "Okay"
-when you say "watch" before you do something crazy
-when you take my hand and say "walk" to take me somewhere

Your favorite songs are "Twinkle, Twinkle" (aka "Winkle, Winkle), "Jesus Loves Me" (aka "Tell Me So), "Itsy Bitsy Spider" (aka "Itty Bitty"), and "A Bushel and a Peck" (aka "oodle oodle oodle").  One of my favorite things we do together is when you lay your head on me before nap or bedtime and we just sway around the room and sing.  It's such a precious thing and it automatically slows me down.  If I was in a negative place before, those times bring me back to gratitude.

Nova, we are in love with you.  We love your smile, your infectious giggle, your chubby cheeks, your deep blue eyes, your wispy curls, your spunk, and your drive.  You add so much color to our lives. 


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