Tuesday, June 14, 2016

letters to nova - 2 years

May 29, 2016

Dear Nova,

You have given the past 2 years of my life so much color.

Colorful - that's really what you are. You are bursting with color every day - personality, facial expressions, jokes, physical humor, silly sounds. You are an absolute joy, Nova! And you're hilarious. Many of our dinner table times are filled with laughter because of the faces that you make. You crack us up. Duke will ask you to do something crazy, and you will. You are the entertainment and we love that about you.

The side of your colorful-ness that can sometimes be a little hard to cope with is your screaming. I can't really describe it. It accompanies tantrums, yes, but mostly it accompanies you having the best time of your life. It's hard to discipline, it's hard to stop, it's hard to manage. By the time we get to bedtime, my ears are exhausted! And there's really nothing I can do besides what I'm doing now - teaching you the times when it's appropriate to scream. (Although, with this kind of screaming, I'd almost say it's never appropriate. But, baby steps.) You are legitimately the loudest child I've ever been around. For now, we've just got to harness it and use your volume powers for good and not for evil (or bursting others' ear drums). :) You certainly don't hide your zest for life!

You are 34.5 inches tall (77th percentile) and weigh 28 lbs. (68th percentile). You are still in your crib with your sleepsack, but your dad and I are talking about moving you to a twin bed soon. I know you will feel like such a big girl when we do. But for now, the crib is still working well. You sleep 12-13 hours at night and take a 2-3 hour afternoon nap every day. We went through a crazy phase about a month or two ago where you'd cry or scream through your entire nap. I'm still not really sure what that was about, but I'm glad you've resumed to your regular routine.

Things I want to remember about you at this age:
The way you say "Yes" to everything
How "Thank you" was "Thank -err" for a long time
When you say "It's too big!" if something doesn't fit (regardless of if it's too big or too small)
How you insist "I do it by myself!"
How precious your little voice is and how fun it is hearing you put together 6+ word sentences
That you always say "I make a mess!" proudly

You can count to 10 and you've almost got all the way to 20. You love jumping up and down, running around the house with your brother, and playing with cars. You love to sing and your repertoire of songs grows every day. Currently, your favorite song is "It Is Well," which you call "Well." It is one of the sweetest things - rocking you and singing that song while I look into your precious eyes. I let you finish a lot of the phrases and my favorite is when you sing "It is will with my song." It's not correct, but it still totally works. I hope this song stays in you and sinks deep into your soul. I pray your song is always telling of your faith and trust in God. "Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say it is well. It is well with my soul."

My little Nova-new, I love you more than you'll ever know. Happy 2nd birthday!


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