Monday, April 10, 2017

letters to veda - 1 month

April 10, 2017

Dear Veda,

Well, we have crammed a lot in a month, wouldn't you say? You have already kept us on our toes!

You are on formula and growing like a champ! You lost a lot your first 5 days, but once we made some changes, you immediately started gaining like crazy! At your weight check at 3.5 weeks, you were 10 lbs 8 oz. You eat 3-4 ounces 7-8 times a day. You take 4 naps a day and just last night you did a 6 hour stretch followed by a 5 hour stretch. We haven't quite nailed down your optimal waketime, but it's somewhere in the 45-55 minute range. Your naps aren't always solid, but your night sleep has been pretty consistent. We are thankful for that!

We're on our second attempt of meds for reflux. We are still waiting for this new prescription to kick in to see if it will do the trick. It's hard to see you in pain so I really hope we can get it resolved quickly.

Veda, you have entered our lives at a busy and exciting time! We bought a house just before you were born and sold ours just after. We are so thrilled to see you grow up in this new house with Duke and Nova.

And speaking of Duke and Nova - they are crazy about you. Duke is constantly saying, "I love having a baby." He always comments on how pretty you are and I'd say he's pretty smitten. Nova is your personal entertainer. (But based on the noise you heard from in the womb, you're probably not surprised by that!) You're not a fan of the car seat so Nova will sing song after song to you until you're calm. It works most of the time!

I love your brown hair and your sweet deep eyes. I love how long you are. (You were 22.5 in. at 2 weeks, >99%!) I love your little hands and kissable cheeks. I love that you have made us a family of 5. We can't wait to see you grow and develop your own little personality! We love you so much, Veda.


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