Tuesday, September 19, 2017

letters to veda - 6 months

September 10, 2017

This was your last chair picture at Jmama and Boat's house. You spent 5 of your first 6 months of life living there, but now we have officially moved into our new home. You have transitioned pretty seamlessly.

At your 6 month appointment, you weighed 18.7 lbs. (85%) and were 27 in. long (95%). You have 4 bottles a day along with rice cereal for breakfast and a veggie for dinner. Your waketime is an hour and 30-45 minutes, you take 3 naps a day, and you sleep 12 hours at night.

I love the way you shake your head and smile. I love watching you roll and scoot to get to things you want. I love the sound of your laugh. Veda, you are our little ball of joy. You're such a cuddle bug and you light up whatever room you're in.

You are a perfect gift from God and we are so thankful.


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