Tuesday, October 24, 2017

letters to veda - 7 months

October 10, 2017

Dear Veda,

I love all of your talking noises and your sweet little scrinchy/smiley face you do every morning when I walk in to get you from your crib. You are such a little love. All of us are smitten.

You have 4 bottles a day along with a fruit/cereal mix for breakfast, a veggie for lunch, and a veggie and fruit for dinner. Your waketime is an hour and 30-45 minutes (usually a little longer before the 3rd nap), and you sleep 11.5-12 hours at night.

We started using the mesh food feeder with fruit in it this month and you're not so sure about it. You'd actually rather chew on the handle than on the fruit. You are scooting a lot and you assume the crawl position, but no official crawling yet. You are sitting up by yourself, but will still topple over if you get too excited.

Just the other night your dad and I were talking about you as we went to sleep. We just can't wait to see what you bring to the kid trio as you grow and become more of who you are. So far, you have brought nothing but joy, smiles, and laughs to all of us. Your smile makes all of our days. I often hear, "She smiled at me!" coming from Duke and Nova. Your joy is contagious, and I pray that you learn and know early in life that the joy of the Lord is your strength. We love you, Veda-voo.


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