Wednesday, November 29, 2017

letters to veda - 8 months

November 10, 2017

Dear Veda,

You are sleeping 11.5-12 hours at night and are still taking 3 naps on most days. On the weekends, you have been taking 2 because we aren't boxed in with school pick-up. You still have 5 feeding periods each day - 4 bottles, fruit/cereal mix for breakfast, veggie for lunch, veggie/meat & fruit for dinner. You are starting to get the hang of picking up the puffs and getting them in your mouth. Your wake time is close to an hour and 45 minutes, sometimes a bit shorter or longer if I need it to be.

Many times, Duke and Nova take care of you before I even know there is an issue. They take away the toy that's too small for you. They wipe the spit up from your mouth. They announce that your diaper is poopy. They help you get the thing you're reaching for. They rush over to make you smile and laugh if you fuss. 

You are a scooting machine, always heading straight to where the action is (aka where your brother and sister are playing). You transition well from sitting to scooting and vice versa. 

You love to babble, stick your tongue out, make silly noises, shake your head like a crazy woman, and laugh. I love our little cuddles when you put your head on my shoulder before I put you down for naps or bedtime. Those are the most precious moments with you. 

All 4 of us are so lucky to have you.


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