Mopak || "Labor"

I'm in a band with my husband and we released our latest EP "Labor" in August of 2015.  It's available to purchase or stream on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music.  Download it for FREE on Bandcamp or NoiseTrade.

Isaiah 26:3-4 || Ryan Walker & The Night Nights

We got asked to do some BGVs for Ryan's Verses Project song.  We had so much fun!
"Tucked In" || The Night Nights

Purchase our lullaby album on CDBaby or on iTunes.  Also available locally at Collected Thread, Cuppies & Joe, Donna's Hallmark, Guestroom Records, and Penders Music Co.

"The Lockout:  A Musical" || arranged/recorded by Mopak

We arranged and recorded the songs for a comedy musical about the NBA Lockout.


Claire Westbrook || EP



Philippians 3:10-11 || Colt & Claire Westbrook

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