Friday, October 24, 2008

Well, I am married. What a whirlwind of events. I truly did enjoy that day... it was perfect. It was absolutely everything I imagined. Spending a whole day with my wonderful friends and family and then going home to live with my best friend... it doesn't get much better. The week in Grand Cayman was so relaxing. It's a strange feeling waking up everyday without a plan. :)

Our apartment is pretty chaotic, but little by little we are getting things put away. The drive to school in the morning is now 6 minutes instead of 18, which was nice today since I woke up 15 minutes before I had to be there. It reminded me of Spring finals in 05 when Sara and I woke up 10 minutes after our final had already started. We ran, like scared freshmen, to Montgomery Hall... unbrushed teeth, pajamas, sheet marks on our faces and all. Today wasn't as bad; I did manage to get my teeth brushed.

I've heard two incredible speakers this week. Everyone always makes professional/in-service days sound like death. I guess they usually are, but this week they were different. On Monday, I heard a lady speak on understanding poverty in our schools. It was so enlightening. Under the umbrella of that topic, she spoke on registers of language, grammar, spelling, conversation, hidden rules between classes, etc. She was right when she said the tendency of our teachers is to teach to middle class students because most, not all, of us are middle class individuals. I really feel like I have a broader understanding of the different kinds of students that step into my classroom. On Thursday, I heard Ron Clark speak at UCO. He's a very young man and has already made such an impact on students, teaching, and people everywhere. I felt inspired.

I have so many dreams.

It seems overwhelming and, at times, impossible. I know people do many of those things, but I want to do all of them... and I want to do them so students feel loved and inspired. That is my ultimate dream.

Life is a lot of things right now, but it feels like everything is in its right place.


  1. You are inspiring, Claire. I am sure you will do those things, and they will enrich many people's lives. I am truly happy for you in this new stage of life!

  2. I love you very much. You make me want to do great things.

  3. : ) you are one of my favorite peeps.
    and i cant wait to actually get to sit down with you someday soon and chit chat about life!
    (i did go to the doctor and i do have the flu, so it was probably a good thing we didnt go to lunch the other day : )
    love you

  4. these are all great dreams Claire! You should do them! Just pick one and start!


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