Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grieg's Piano Concerto in a minor

Tuesday I was up at the school until 8:30 for parent-teacher conferences. I drove home in the dark and in the rain. I turned my radio to the 'classical' station only to hear Grieg's Piano Concerto in a minor. I started listening towards the end of the first movement and then finished it out. And... I cried... quite a bit.


Towards the end of my sophomore year, Dr. Bell encouraged me to try out for concerto-aria and I really had a desire to do it. I worked so hard and there were many tears in Ford Music Hall while practicing. However, after several months, I felt pretty secure. My first hearing went well but I really messed up on the final one. (It was actually the night that Colt was going to take me out on our first date. I did the last audition and he picked me up at the back doors of Raley Chapel; but, honestly, that wasn't why I played so terribly. I just had a really off night.) Anyway, I remember when I found out that I didn't make it. I knew I didn't really deserve it based on that last audition, but I was still pretty devastated. I like to play the piano and perform, but by no means do I consider myself a 'serious performer.' And 'serious performers' are the people that get to play concertos with orchestras in real life. This was really my only shot to play with a full orchestra behind me.

In summary, Tuesday night was a bit emotional. I was just rewinding all of those moments with that concerto. I'm sad I missed the opportunity, but life moves forward. Those frustrating moments build character. And although I didn't make concerto-aria, the discipline of learning a piano concerto was well worth it. Once (or if) I ever get one of these....


maybe I can work it back up for fun. Off to bed I go...


  1. Well lady...I'm sure there's still a chance somewhere for that opportunity. I wish it would have happened would have been lovely. And yes, you should work it up can give us a concert in your new home!!! I'll bring the food!!! Love you


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