Wednesday, July 28, 2010

so many dreams

Do you ever feel like there are about 237 things that you really want to do with your life and not a lot of time to do them?

Me too.

I asked Colt the other day, "Do you think there are people that don't have dreams?" (not sleeping dreams, but like 'i want to be an astronaut' kinds of dreams) He said, "Yeah." I can't imagine.

I feel that we, like the people we happen to be around in our lives, have an abundance of dreams. It's a really great thing, but I'll sit down to work towards one, and get distracted by another. Silly.

I would like to believe that I'm a young, 24 year old that has plenty of time. Plenty of time to:
1. write songs, record albums, perform, and travel with the timberline hike
2. write choral music and get it published
3. write a book about life with all my friends
4. write children's books
5. start up a business with my besties
6. be crafty
7. write and record a cd of children's songs (like a, "hey, go to bed, kid, and listen to these songs while you fall asleep because you'll learn things like how to multiply and when to use your and you're" kind of cd)

This summer has been so wonderful for all of the above reasons. I've gotten to dabble in most of those dreams and I've loved every minute of it. When the school year starts, my life changes. Time disappears and I find myself only doing the things that I have to do because by the time I get to my dreams, I'm exhausted.

Just some thoughts I needed to throw out into the abyss ...


The dawn is filled with dreams,
So many dreams,
Which one is mine?
One must be right for me.
Which dream of all the dreams,
When there's a dream for every star?
And there are oh,
So many stars


  1. love this. such a good reminder of why dreams matter, and the importance of getting to them before life gets busier. also, you have beautiful dreams, and all of them attainable!! love you.

  2. oooooh do a childrens cd... please. preferably around nowish.. jackson needs to listen to your voice. :)


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