Sunday, January 23, 2011


To be cool in school ... the dream of many.  I received my elementary education from Ralph Downs and felt like we were all one big happy family.  No one was cool and no one was dorky.  We were all friends.  It wasn't until Jessica came along that I thought, "Oh, so that's what cool is." 

Jessica moved here in fifth grade and was new to Oklahoma.  She was really pretty and had awesome hair and smelled really good.  One night, I invited her to sleep over.  We were sitting on my bedroom floor late at night and she pulled out a CD to play in her portable walkman.  It wasn't a Christian CD ... it was secular.  My sweet little heart dropped a bit and I asked her if it had any 'bad stuff' on it.  She assured me that it was fine.  (It wasn't long after this that I became addicted to KJ103 and my parents became 'concerned.'  Another post for another day.)

Next, she pulled this one out by Donna Lewis. 

I heard this on the radio today, which reminded me of her.  It's just so great, isn't it?  When it came out, my mom bought me the sheet music so I could sing and play it.  I was in heaven.  Jessica not only introduced me to cool music, but she taught me a lot about make-up, boy/girl parties, bangs, and so much more.  I never saw her again after fifth grade, so Jessica, wherever you are, thanks for showing me cool.


  1. I had never seen that Donna Lewis video before! I didn't even know her name, I only knew that cool song! So good, Claire!!
    And because I work at a place where they play "adult contemporary" songs (aka songs that were cool when we were in elementary school), I hear Donna Lewis pretty much everyday. :)
    Miss you!

  2. Jessica moved to Hannibal, MO after fifth grade. She taught me everything I know.

  3. sigh. i needed a jessica.

    i loved this one :)
    i remember watching that music video on a new years eve countdown at my aunt's house. because, obvi, it made the #1 song that year.

  4. You definitely need to do a post about becoming addicted to KJ103! I remember when I first figured out that I didn't know any cool music - I would listen to KJ103 in secret (turning it down quickly when my mom came in the room).

    Secular music... it's just so... secular.


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