Wednesday, February 2, 2011

boring people get bored

On this 2nd snow day, I'm reminded of a quote my wise friend once said, "Boring people get bored."

Who is this wise friend?  It's Kelsey! She said this one night during one of our weekly Biggest Loser/Dinner nights a couple months ago. It's brilliant. I think it's my favorite phrase from 2010.

I told my mom about it and we immediately used it for Thoughtful Thursday. My mom, who happens to be my co-worker for those of you that don't know, came up with this idea to share an inspiring quote every Thursday. So, we shared this one. It's hilarious the responses you can get from high school people.  "Uh ... I disagree." "Uh ... Actually, I get bored and I'm not a boring person." "Uh ... I have to stay home alone by myself a lot at night and I get really bored."

These responses got me thinking. How can you get bored??? Have you been outside? Have you heard music? Have you seen someone dance? Have you tasted great food? I could go on.

I'm not saying I'm the queen of being grateful for all of the things around me, but I am the queen of never being bored. I could never be bored. Ever. There are always things to do, write, create, organize, record, sing, clean, etc. I can think of 34 things that I could be doing instead of this post and maybe, just maybe, I'll get to 7 of them today.

Is it just these students and this age group that has that kind of reaction? Do people in their 20s and up get bored? I'm so curious.

If your response is like some of the ones I listed, think before you say it. Afterall, that is what the quote means. If you get bored, you're boring. Sorry. I'm not trying to be a pot-stirrer, but I am trying to get us all to think about how we view things. Things can be as boring and as mundane as you make them. If you expect Music History to be boring, it will be. If you tweet about your annoying Biology class that you hate, you will definitely get bored and not enjoy it. If you sit around saying, "I'm bored," in every spare moment you have, you will be bored.

You can always find something to do ... not to clutter your life, but to use every drop of it.

There's a balance between boredom and stress. That is my goal.


  1. I have to agree with you, Claire (and Kelsey). No matter how many times you hear it, and no matter how cliche it sounds, I think life is all about your attitude. Boring people are bored, negative people are unhappy, and lazy people are stuck in whatever life they happened to fall into. There's nothing wrong with your circumstances getting the best of you now and then, but it's so important to take responsibility for yourself! That's a lesson too many people never learn.

  2. I always hear people say, "I'm not one of those people who could just stay at home an not have a job." I always silently think to myself, "boy, I sure could!" But, it's because I wouldn't just be sitting....I'd be crafting, singing, cleaning, blogging, cooking, gardening, enjoying the outdoors, and just trying to enjoy life! Amen to no boredom, sister! :)

  3. Agreed. The entirety of my holiday break (nearly two weeks!) I was so busy! I had so much I wanted to do! And these past few snow days have been full - the time flies by so quickly! There is always something to do, see or experience, and that is what makes life a blessing!

  4. Boring people get BORED !!! Grt ...U jus made my lyf more Miserable (LOL) ...But thank you so much ... I'll try to improve!!

  5. yer have to agree to if you have a bad or negative look on life thats the way you will live it but if you live it and make it intrseting its good


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