Saturday, April 23, 2011

we're having a baby!

(In the time I've been pregnant, I've written a few posts so now is the time to let them out!  This was written on 2/20/11.)

It's true!

I feel like the little girl on "Father of the Bride" when she's sitting at the kitchen table ... "I met a man and we're gonna get married" ... except it's "I'm 24 and still feel like I'm 12 and we're having a baby."

On Tuesday, February 15th, I took a pregnancy test for no reason whatsoever.  It was positive.  I showed it to Colt.  He was quiet ... then he smiled.  I said, "Well, one line is a different shade than the other so I bet it's not really positive."  I read the instructions and they proved me wrong.  Welllll okay!

We wanted to double check but had no more tests.  So, we drove to Walgreens at about 11:30 at night.  I took another one.  Positive.  I took another one that next morning just to triple check ... Positive.

We have been married for over 2 years and felt like we were in the place in our lives where a baby would certainly be welcome, so we are pleasantly surprised and very excited!

This happens to be THE busiest time of a vocal music teacher's life ... preparing choirs for 3 different contests, entering students in solo/ensemble contest, preparing for spring concert, and rehearsing for the musical after school every single day.  I hardly even remember that I'm even pregnant most of the time!  And, of course, not telling people makes it feel even less real.

I really can't believe we're going to be parents!

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  1. Aaaaaand you're going to be WONDERFUL parents!! The best kidn, seriously. :) I'm SO EXCITED!!!
    It's so funny, we went through the "hours of denial" stage as well and I took 3 tests "just to confirm"... even though one of the tests was taken at a hospital! haha!!


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