Tuesday, May 31, 2011

here comes summer

The last few weeks have been crazy wrapping things up at school.  Not only are we wrapping things up because of summer, but also because we're leaving.  And not only are we leaving, but they are moving into a new high school for this next school year.  So, we are packing up every little thing that belongs to the vocal department.  It's not just your standard classroom.  We've got costumes, decorations, music, textbooks, office supplies, jewelry making stuff, crafting items, props, old choir uniforms, posters ... the list goes on.  It has been frustrating and yet, at the same time, hilarious.  My mom and I have had several uncontrollable moments of laughter.  :)

We have one more day of 'teacher things' and finishing off our packing ... then we're done!  I already have my list of summer goals going.  Last summer, I got several things accomplished and had many enjoyable moments ...

We had a garage sale.

We enjoyed a family vacation in Maui.

I had a surprise birthday party for Colt.

I went to Canton for some flea market/thrifting fun with Reese and Sara.

Colt and I did the Super Summer 8k ... it was SO hot.

We had a going away party for the Dilbecks.

Reese, Sara, and I enjoyed the exciting and strange festivities of Lilith Fair.

We spent some wonderful time in Portland.

Reese and I got bangs!

We (The Timberline Hike) had our CD release show.

It was a fun summer and I'm looking forward to another great one. :)

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  1. If there was a "repeat" button in life, I'd push it for your last summer, buuuuuuut I believe this one will be just as wonderful!! Enjoy the break!


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