Tuesday, June 28, 2011

sisters, sisters

... there were never such devoted sisters.

Today is my little (LITTLE) sister's 20th birthday.  I can't even believe I typed those two numbers together.  20.  We're in our 20s together!  Unfortunately, I do not get to see her today since she's in Florida for most of the summer.

Sisters are a really special gift.  I actually kind of thought Karlie was my child sometimes.  When she was born, I remember my mom telling me her name was Karlie.  Karlie?  Nobody was named Karlie ... what a weird name.  My mom also reminded me a few days ago that I wanted her to be named Rebecca and I was quite upset it didn't turn out like that.  Of course, I was only 5 and hey, what did I know?  Karlie is the perfect name.

I had afternoon kindergarten and we'd spend every morning playing together ... making tents, making up songs, etc.  I also loved putting her on a blanket and pulling it down the hall.  When we were a little older, we had a radio show.  That has to be one of my most favorite things we ever did.  We recorded our radio shows and those tapes are somewhere ... scary thought. :)

Karlie was a good play buddy.  She is still a good play buddy.  We are best friends and I'm blessed to have a sister like her.  She is kind, encouraging, talented, beautiful, confident, smart, compassionate, and funny ... to name a few.

I'll leave you with one of my all-time favorite pictures of us ...

Happy Birthday, Karlie!  I love you!

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  1. I never had a little sister, but always longed for one. I really enjoyed your love for you little sister. And oh, childhood memories sound so beautiful especially when you hear it from a third person. Best wishes to you and your little sister.


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