Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the sing-off (judges pick/group mastermixes and the finale)

(SPOILER ALERT:  If you haven't watched the finale, don't read this!)

Afro-Blue went home last week.  Sad, sad, sad.  Someone must have paid Ben and Sara some monies to do that.

Let's start with the Dartmouth Aires.  I get it.  They are energetic and they put on a show.  But, I feel like that doesn't necessarily make a good record and isn't that what we're going for?  Sure, they're pretty good, but their blend is just not up to par.  I will forever be confused about how they made it this far.

Urban Method definitely showed improvement.  I think last week's episode was their best.  They did get tighter and had less and less pitch problems each week; however, I was nervous for them each time they sang.

I have nothing new to say about Pentatonix.

So, why did Afro-Blue have to leave?  I guess the general public (who, I think, influences the judges) just might not know what to do with the caliber of talent that Afro-Blue possesses.  We've seen this happen before.  Last year, Groove for Thought got kicked off too soon.  Both groups are jazzy and their arrangements were absolutely incredible.  Both groups were complex though ... a little too complex for the show, the judges said.  It's just too bad.  I think Afro-Blue and Groove for Thought should join forces and come back next year for the craziest powerhouse group that show has ever seen.

And as for the finale last night ... all is right in the world. :)  Pentatonix won!  They definitely deserved it and I will be following their every move.  They are ridiculous and were the best group on that show by miles and miles.

(Sidenote:  I've said this each year but I'm really going to attempt to get a group together to audition for next season.  I need a bass.  And I need a 'noises' person.  And probably a guy with cool glasses and a girl with half of her head shaved just to keep things interesting.)

Well, it was a good season and I'm looking forward to the Christmas tunes next week!

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  1. Claire! Shane was a bass in high school!! PERFECT!

    and I think I could wear a wig :)


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