Saturday, January 7, 2012

half marathon training schedule 2012

Duke is 11 weeks today and while I've enjoyed having an excuse to not work out, it's time to start it back up.

I've already registered for the OKC Memorial Half Marathon.  I ran this race in 2010 and trained for it in 2011, but didn't get to do it.

I'm a little nervous about how training and being a mom to a new baby will happen together.  We have a BOB stroller so I will definitely be able to take Duke along for the ride most of the time.  However, I'm sure there will be days when I just want to get out there and run without something in my hands.  (If any of you moms have juggled these two things, please teach me your ways.)

I've found that a race is really the only thing that will motivate me to stay consistently active.  I just have to have boundaries and structure.  I need to know that if I don't meet the requirements in front of me, I will suffer the consequences (for example: waste money, have a really bad race, get injured, cry hysterically because I have a really bad race or get injured, etc.).  So basically I'm like a child.

Anyway, to keep myself on top of things, I typed out my training schedule.  It's a lot of Hal Higdon mixed with a little of Claire Westbrook.

Anybody want to join?  We start tomorrow!

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