Saturday, January 14, 2012

saturdays as an adult

Saturdays as an adult are spent waking up to a jackhammer your husband and dad are using, repairing holes in your roof, digging holes in your backyard (to fix busted pipes), cleaning like crazy, going grocery shopping, and going grocery shopping in a hurry so you can get back in time to feed your baby.  (Of course, anything dealing with jackhammers and digging and repairing does not involve me.  But I do have to listen to all of it if that counts.)

I know I haven't even reached the peak of chaos either.  There are still more kids to be born, more things to break in our home, more groceries to buy, and more events to have to attend.  All on a Saturday.

My friend Reese and I were texting about today's events and at the end of it, I said, "When did we get here??"

I remember thinking my parents were always busy and doing stuff on Saturdays.  I was glad to be doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.  But then, I woke up one day and realized that was no longer the case.

I'm not complaining.  I'm just observing.  Every new phase of life has easier parts and harder parts than the one before.  But with that, I would say every new phase has most definitely gotten better than the one before (in my 25 years of experience, that is).  And I hope I'm right in thinking it will keep getting better and better.

Well, my dad and Colt are outside sawing a pipe, Duke is taking a nap, and I'm eating a cutie to distract myself from cleaning.  Happy Saturday to all!

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