Monday, February 20, 2012

weekend review - my parents' house

I spent this past weekend at my parents' house.  Colt was in Chicago seeing a show put on by our friends (six hours short) and I didn't want to stay home alone.  (Side Note:  You probably shouldn't go see "The Vow" with your husband the night before he and his friends make a long drive to Chicago.  Not good for the emotions.)

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Over at Your Parents' House When Your Husband is Gone and It's Just You and Your Baby

1.  Being at someone else's house means you can't look around at the number of things waiting to be done, cleaned, organized, etc. in your own home.

(Feet up, watching Uncle Mark hold Duke)

2.  The coffee pot was always on ... coffee with breakfast, coffee in the afternoon, coffee with dessert.

(Grandpa Skip and Duke)

3.  Duke had people to play with besides me.  There was always someone wanting to hold him, talk to him, or burp him.

(Jmama and Duke)

4.  I got to sleep in my bed I grew up sleeping in.  The Cinderella comforter even made an appearance.  Falling asleep to the sounds of the street and the smell of the house was pretty sweet.  It's funny to think that I played school, wrote my first songs, and sneakily talked to my high school boyfriend late at night on the phone all in that room.

(Aunt Karlie and Duke)

5.  Of course, getting to spend quality time with my parents (and my siblings, when they were there) was really fun.  We have such a good time together and always have great talks.

I was re-introduced to reality this morning when I didn't smell breakfast cooking, the coffee wasn't ready, there was a massive pile of laundry staring me down, and I would, in fact, be talking to an almost 4 month old all day long.

In the words of Soul II Soul ... back to life, back to reality ...

This song came to me as I was typing this post and I'm very glad it did.  There are so many things about that video that are just so ... right.  Hope y'all are having a great Monday.

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