Tuesday, March 13, 2012

recording with a baby


It's a little tricky.  Getting Duke's naps and feedings in while trying to record and not get spit up all over the studio is quite a challenge at times.  But at this point, I think we've got it down to an art.  When I feed, Colt records.  When I'm done, I record.

We definitely cash in our cool cards at the door each time we go.  When you hang out at the studio with a hooter hider, diaper bag, towels draped over your body full of spit up, and a big playmat monkey ... you know you've arrived.

While it does make the day a bit more complicated and kind of choppy, I know it's going to be worth a lot later.  I'm glad I'll get to tell Duke that once he was born, we didn't stop pursuing things.  We've just included him in it all, no matter how crazy it gets.

It's really getting exciting though.  We're almost done recording and the end is in sight!  Here's a little peek into one of our songs if you want to take a listen.

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