Monday, June 4, 2012

weekend review - a garden spoon, a birthday, and a tooth

What a weekend.  I feel like we were all over the place.

Friday night, Colt and I did our usual snow cone "date" at Shimmers.  (It's a "date" because Duke is happily making his dinosaur/squealing noises from the backseat.)  While eating our snow cones, we drove our usual route which consists of seeing the bird infested neighborhood on 10th, gazing out at Lake Overholser, and coveting our dream home.  (More on this in a later post.)

Once Duke was in bed, we watched "Groundhog Day."  It was my first time to see it and I absolutely loved it.  Something about it reminded me of my teaching days.

We spent a good 6ish hours on Saturday working in the yard.  Sure, we needed to pick up a bunch of branches and leaves from the hailstorm.  But honestly, our yard was kind of a mess before that.  Think along the lines of The Secret Garden.  (I will say, Colt is great about mowing.  The rest of the yard is the unfortunate looking part.)  We trimmed trees/bushes, picked weeds, and mowed.

Every year I say I'm going to plant stuff in our flower beds.  It's "stuff" because I know nothing about flowers/plants.  Still, our yard has yet to see pretty flowers.  I just feel so lost when it comes to this.  I need things that are pretty, cheap, and that stay alive in the shade.  Suggestions?

(Side note:  We found this little treasure in our flower bed while picking weeds.)



Saturday night I hung out with Tally (who happens to make lovely jewelry). We watched a movie and ate a yummy strawberry crisp.  I also had my first taste of raw goat milk.  Not too shabby.

Yesterday was Colt's 26th birthday.  Every year from June 3rd (his birthday) to July 14th (my birthday), he reminds me that he's older with the following comments:

"You know, I remember how it was to be your age ..."
"I mean, since I've lived longer than you, I have some wisdom to offer ..."
"Oh, you'll get to be 26 someday."

I'm always glad when my birthday finally rolls around.

His birthday was spent going to church, eating Braum's for lunch, going to The Wedge with his mom and Nana, and hanging out at the Myriad Gardens for the Twilight Concert Series.

(Enjoying a Dr. Pepper Vanilla Freeze, his drink of choice, while surrounded by cloth diapers waiting to dry.)

(Having a little father-son moment in the parking lot of The Wedge.)

(We listened to the music as Duke tried to eat the grass.)

It was a pretty fun day and boy am I glad he was born on that date in 1986.  I really love that guy.  Oh, and to top off the birthday celebration, Duke only spit up 3 times AND his first tooth is coming in!


  1. Thank you for sharing your family time with us. It always makes me smile. Since Asher is around the same age as Duke I find myself relating to many of your posts! And yay for the first tooth!


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