Wednesday, June 20, 2012

xanga memories - making sites and cell models

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Soo..umm...i just made this site...weird..haha..but umm....i hope everyone's Valentine's Day was as enjoyable as mine! (pretty sure i made a cell model...) haha..but hey...then reese and sara and i went to dinner..soo that was fun!..then....we went to jolie's house...and was a certain kind'll just have to ask me about it haha...but umm..i'm out...night!

I'm not sure what's worse - "making a site" or the fact that I thought it was "weird."  Both sound silly.

I also love thinking of my senior-in-high-school self making a cell model on Valentine's Day.  It really was the story of my life.  I didn't date a lot, I didn't always have a boyfriend, and I didn't get kissed until  right before I turned 17.  Making a cell model for Valentine's Day just fits in perfectly.

And the cake?  It's called BTS cake.  What it stands for is obviously something we thought was so sneaky and so scandalous.  But hey, if making BTS cake is the height of my daughter's rebellion, count me in.


  1. Hahaha love it! I remember BTS cake. I remember not telling my mom that I made it because I thought she would get mad :)

  2. I guess I must be naive or ignorant but I can't think of what BTS stands for??? I must be a nerd! :)

  3. ha! know what my favorite thing about this post is? that we 3 went out to dinner together on valentines day. hahaha. but of course! annnnnnd, once again, a post that involves us involves food ;)

  4. Ashley - Yes, I did the same thing!
    Tally - No, we're the nerds for thinking it was awesome. :)
    Reese - When did we NOT go to dinner together?? Haha I love our Charleston's memories, which is where I'm assuming that we went.


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