Wednesday, August 8, 2012

registering for baby - update

When I wrote my initial post about registering for baby, I included everything that I found to be important and useful at the time.  Since then, I've thought of a few other things.  These are things we may or may not have registered for but have definitely used recently.  If you're wanting to register for items you'll use in your baby's first year, you may want to include these:

Things Baby Will Use Later
Bowls w/ Lids (This is mainly for traveling with food.  Small-sized tupperware would be fine also.)
Fresh Food Feeder (Duke loves to eat oranges and grapes in this thing.)
High Chair (It's nice to have one at home and a cheapy plastic one like this that you can take to friends' houses if needed.)
Jumperoo (We actually registered for and got a Doorway Jumper.  Duke isn't too fond of it though.  However, he loved being in a Fisher-Price Jumperoo at our friends' house.  So, next time, we may get one of those.)
Sippy Cups
Step 'N Play Piano (or something your baby can stand and play in)

(I'm adding this short list to the other registry list so it's all in one place.)

Anything else you moms can think of?

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