Tuesday, August 14, 2012

thoughts on the 2012 olympics

To start off, I guess I had never really paid attention to all of the different Olympic games until this year.  Trampoline?  Steeplechase?  Rhythmic gymnastics?  The options are endless!

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And speaking of rhythmic gymnastics, I decided if I were to participate in an Olympic sport, it would either be synchronized swimming (because it's weird, cool, and freaky all at the same time) or rhythmic gymnastics (because I could draw from my inner show choir self).  I do realize that show choir is a bit of a step down in difficulty, but still.  I mean, we used props.  That counts for something, right?

And speaking of counting, let's count how many times I've run since the half marathon in April.  Zero.  The Olympics definitely made me want to run again.  I kept asking Colt during different track events, "Okay, how fast is she going right now?  I mean, I could run with her for like a few seconds, right?"  He was sweet and amused my naive thoughts.  But I just really can't believe how fast they are.  I want to be that fast SO badly.  Raise your hand if you'd like to run a 5k in 13 minutes?  Me, me, me! 

And speaking of being fast, the human race is crazy.  How we keep breaking world records is beyond me.  Colt argues that as long as a record is set, someone will always go above and beyond to break it.  Someone can always do it faster.  I guess I agree, but are we saying that someone will eventually be able to run a mile in 30 seconds?  I know that's taking it pretty far, but what if??  Too bad that will probably be in 3012 so we won't be around for it.

And speaking of being dead, it's weird to think that next time the Olympics come around we'll be 30 and probably have another kid or two.

And speaking of kids, how about that flashback with the Spice Girls?  I was in heaven, people.  I only wish they would have thrown in "2 Become 1."  (I get queasy thinking about how my mom probably felt as my 5th grade self sang, "Wanna make love to you baby."  In my defense, I honestly had no idea what it meant.)

What are your thoughts?


  1. I feel the same way about the record breaking - how do we keep doing it? Did you see the special on the guy who ran a mile in under 4 minutes in the 50s? No one believed it could be done, but now Olympians do it all the time!

    I can't believe we'll be 30 at the next Olympics! SO WEIRD. I'm excited to see where life takes us :)

    1. No, I didn't see that special, but I would've loved to!

      And yeah, 30. I'm excited too! :)

  2. I'll refrain from saying anything on the "being 30 by the next Olympics" comment... BUT I do want to say that Duke (and Norah!) will be 4 and getting ready for pre-school?/kindergarten?/whatever by the time the next Olympics happen. THAT is crazy to think about.

    1. haha Oh Mirela.

      And that is too crazy. Our kids? Sitting in chairs, using pencils, listening to someone, answering questions, and feeding themselves?? I just can't even imagine it. haha

  3. I agree 100% on the spice girls! I was in heaven too...and 2 become 1 one was one of my favorite songs. Oh the good ol days.

    1. Such a great song! (at least in my 5th grade self's opinion :))


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