Monday, January 21, 2013

weekend review - prepared piano, fondue, and tents

Karlie and I got to play at Cuppies on Friday night.

Although we were off to a rough start with some technical difficulties and a loose USB connection in my keyboard (which sounded like a jolt of 20th century prepared piano music every few minutes), it ended up being really fun.  Thanks for bearing with us!

(my peeps)

On Saturday, we ate breakfast and went back to the ER to get Duke's stitches out.

(Killing time by rolling around on that thing where cords and fluids usually hang from.  Terrible medical vocabulary, I know.  Sorry, Jolie, Sara, Laci, Amanda, Jenni, etc.)


Unfortunately, it was the same routine of wrapping him like a burrito and holding him down.  Lots of crying again.  But fortunately, it was done in about a minute.  Thank goodness for quick stitch-getter-outers.

To celebrate Duke's bravery and his survival of his first major injury, we went to Starbucks.  Duke enjoyed bites of a mocha creme frappuccino and cinnamon swirl coffee cake.  More sweets than he's ever had in his life!  On the way there, Colt asked, "Are we doing this for him or for us?"  I said, "Oh, totally for us."  I mean, Duke won't remember one bit about it.  But I'll remember it, dang it!

(Don't be fooled.  This guy still hasn't quite figured out how a straw works.  But he sure loved pretending for a bit!)

Saturday night I enjoyed a lovely dinner with some friends to celebrate Tally's birthday.

We each brought dippers and she spoiled us with amazing cheese and chocolate fondue.  It was so much fun to be kid-free for a few hours and to be able to actually focus on conversation with one another.

On Sunday night, Duke and I played a lot together in this tent.

Colt and I ended our weekend with Downton Abbey and our usual Sunday night meal of breakfast for dinner.

(breakfast burritos, hash browns, and fruit salad - Thanks Urban Organics for the green pepper and onion in the eggs as well as the yummy bananas, mango, and kiwi.)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Ugh. I hate how you always play somewhere when we are out of town! I am convinced that we will SOMEDAY get to come hear you play!

    P.S. Let's set-up a Saturday play date sometime soon!

    1. Yes, yes! We need to set up a play date for sure! Boys can have boy time and we'll have closet clean-out time. :)


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