Monday, February 25, 2013

weekend review - 6 miles, kristen stewart, and bad grammar

On Friday, my sweet mom volunteered to come over and watch Duke in the afternoon so I could run errands/do whatever I wanted.  It was wonderful!  She had also planned to take Duke home with her to spend the night so Colt and I could go on a date.  We spent our evening getting new running shoes at Red Coyote and eating at Upper Crust.  Then, we came home and I took a bath.  It was lovely!  I hardly ever get to take baths because the bathroom is connected to Duke's room and it's just way too loud.  So, I put on a little Regina Spektor and soaked it up!

The next morning, we used our alone time wisely and got up to run 6 miles at Lake Hefner.

(Our new Brooks!)

It was the perfect running weather - 25 degrees and no wind.  I was consistent with a 10:30-10:40 mile the entire time and my last mile was my fastest, just over 10 minutes.  I finished in 1:04:56 and I felt great the entire time.  It was a relieving feeling to have a successful run behind me to start my Saturday.

After running, we grabbed some Old School Bagel breakfast and met my mom to pick Duke up around 10:30.  Once we got home and put him down for his afternoon nap, we did a little bit of house cleaning, took showers, and took naps.  A nap in a clean house is one of the best things.

On Sunday, Brandon (my brother-in-law) showed me this video.

Non-stop laughter.

Last night, we watched the Oscars.  Here were the most memorable moments for me (good or bad).

1.  When Kristen Stewart presented and caused me to tweet these things:


2.  When I realized that I had literally seen none of the movies mentioned the entire night.  Zero.
3.  When Jane Fonda wore this totally awesome dress.


4.  When they showed Kristen Stewart sitting in the audience.

5.  When one of our OK news ladies said "a lot more colder" during a commercial break.

Duke watched the Oscars too.  But he was more interested in sitting in his rocking chair than critiquing the famous people.

I thought I'd wrap up this weekend review by saying thanks.  I guess we're going to have to call it quits on the Safe Auto "Do the Jingle" contest.  Sorry, but we just can't beat the folks who can vote for themselves all day long.  (Not being mean.  I'm just admitting that I'm not committed enough to do that.)  But truly, thanks to those of you who voted while you went to the bathroom, sat at the doctor's office, pumped, watched TV, etc.  It was fun. :)

Happy blizzard-ing!


  1. Ha! A lot more colder. I must have missed that one. Great 6-miler! I just bought a new pair of Brooks and I love them!

    1. Thanks! I love mine too! It feels so great to have a new pair on my feet. :)


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