Monday, May 20, 2013

weekend review - recitals, fevers, and iced coffee

Most of this weekend was spent trying to get Duke back to his normal self.  He had a fever on Wednesday night and continued having one off and on all the way through Saturday.  All day/night Friday was spent cuddling and watching "Arthur" or "The Doodlebops."

Saturday morning we had our last band practice for The Lockout.  The arranging is done!  Now we just need to get in the studio and record all of it.

(Phil helped Duke with some sick beats.)

My spring piano recital for my students was that afternoon.

They all did a great job!  It's really fun to see them improve and have the confidence to perform in front of others.  It's not easy!

Colt took Duke to the doctor on Saturday to make sure we weren't overlooking a bigger problem (ear infection, strep throat, UTI, etc.).  Turns out, everything was fine.  Evidently it's just this viral thing going around with a fever/cough/fatigue combination that makes for a very sad baby.  Duke hasn't been difficult.  He's been so chill.  While it has been very sweet to get lots of cuddle time in, I just want him to feel better.  But I think it's on its way out, so that's good.

I stayed home with Duke on Sunday morning since he couldn't be in the nursery.  After naps, I headed to the Omega House at CRBC to sing with Karlie and Mark.

We did a little T Swift, JT, and a couple of Karlie's originals.  It's always so much fun getting to make music with them.  (And the Pioneer Woman's iced coffee was to die for.  Thanks, Makenzie. :))

Colt and I ended our weekend by watching the Billboard Music Awards.  I have way too many opinions on that thing so we'll just have to save that post for another day.

Have a lovely Monday!

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