Wednesday, October 15, 2014

binxy baby review

PEOPLE.  I have something really world altering to share with you today.

Grocery shopping just got a lot easier.  I won't lie and say "easy" because it's still shopping with kids.  BUT - even though the Binxy Baby doesn't magically shut your kids up or make them behave, it solves a lot of other problems.


I'm not even going to spell it out for you because I guarantee that many of you just saw these pictures and said said, "What!?  I NEED this!"

Yeah, you do.

You can keep your toddler in the front, your baby in the Binxy, and your cart STILL has room for tons of groceries.  It's a miracle.

(And I didn't try it this way, but there's also a huge strap so you can stick your ENTIRE carseat in the Binxy Baby.  The Binxy people thought of it all!)

The day I used the Binxy Baby, I was probably only in the store for 15 minutes.  In that amount of time, I had 2 people stop me to have lengthy conversations about this product.  One girl took a picture of it and said she was immediately sharing it with all of her mom friends.

It's small enough to carry around with you, it's safe for your baby, and it's easy to hook on.  It's a brilliant idea and it's a quality product.

You should buy one.  And then you should buy some more for Christmas gifts or shower gifts. 
I can't wait for you all to try it out!

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I was provided a Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock in return for a review.  All opinions are my own.


  1. I like this...were you nervous about her rolling out? How long/age do you think a baby could use it?

  2. I have seen these! My friend Emily was in a news story in Tulsa about using it - I think one of her friends "invented" it. Anyway, they are so cool and Nova looks so comfy!


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