Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the fox

Who would've thought?

A few weeks ago, I ran across a children's book entitled, "The Fox." As I read it, I realized that the words were identical to the lyrics in Nickel Creek's song, 'The Fox.' It's an old folk song, that was made into a beautifully illustrated book, that was also made into a wonderful Nickel Creek song. I decided I had to spend a day with all of my classes reading/singing this book, talking about folk songs, and letting them listen to Nickel Creek. I did just that today. They LOVED it. They kept asking, "What's the name of the band??" So, Nickel Creek's musical audience now extends all the way down to the age of 6. Hope they don't mind.

I think it's so wonderful how things like that work out. THIS was exactly the kind of thing that I wanted to do in my classroom. I think it's important for students to not only hear art music from extraordinary composers, but to also hear current music that is still just as legitimate. I want them to learn how to distinguish quality music from... not-so-quality music. They have to know that great music still exists. Nickel Creek has exceptional talent and I have no problem spending a day talking about them. :)


  1. Oh, Claire!!! I am so very proud of you : ) I am glad that you got to have that experience today. I have no doubt that you will have many more of them with the hundreds of students lives that you will touch with your love for music : )

  2. ha! that's awesome. so cool when you can do what YOU love while teaching. love it.

    blessings friend.

  3. Claire, when you talk/write about teaching, I get really excited about the future. It's encouraging to know that there are teachers who are passionate and who want to actually teach kids to think and create beyond some state set of requirements for a test. i'm so proud of you!


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