Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sanity needed

I now understand why teachers have a summer break. It is for the sake of sanity. These kids are really great and they're pretty hilarious most of the time. However, saying the same thing 50 times a day can get a little tiring. And I'm really not kidding about the number 50. If I have 8 classes a day and tell each class to 'put your mallets down' about 6-7 times, then 50 is a pretty good estimate. I am exhausted. The bags under my eyes are getting baggier, my voice is getting a little more hoarse by the day, my back is unusually tense, AND, to top it all off, I'm writing things down in my planner inaccurately (which, really, is just unheard of for me) . All that to say, I really like my job and I'll be doing it the next year and the next and the next and the next ... :)

As our mailbox is getting flooded with wedding invites, nurse pinnings, graduation ceremonies/parties, I'm just reminded of all of the wonderful things that my friends are doing. I have friends who are working as nurses, working as teachers, studying/working in other countries, getting ready to graduate, trying to change the idea of health in this community, going to grad school, working in the business world, beginning new ministry ideas.. the list goes on. Now, I'm not patting my own back for their accomplishments; I'm just expressing how grateful I am to know them. I never dreamed of having such intelligent, inspired, driven, and beautiful friends. I'm just really proud of all of you.

Off to Slim in 6 ... that Debbie Siebers ...

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  1. Claire, I am so happy for are nearly finished with a full year of teaching :) And now you get to rest! You deserve it. Love you.


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