Monday, July 20, 2009

made our own computer out of macaroni pieces

In the past few weeks...

Colt and I made a nice little trek to Portland, OR to visit the Watsons and the Taylors. It was so relaxing for both of us. We just got to walk around the city, see new places, eat new food, sleep in, play Cranium, and, oh, so much more! It's so wonderful to be around people that are an encouragement to your relationships. Being 'newly-weds,' I can't tell you the number of 'old/not so old, cranky-weds' that have made comments like, "Well, just wait a few years and you won't feel like that anymore!" or, "Man, I'll tell you this, in five years, you'll be askin' your spouse, 'now, when will you be out of town again?'" (It helps if you say those things in kind of a hick accent.... it makes them more annoying.) Yes, I do understand I've only been married 9 months and I'm sure that our relationship will change and grow through the years, as any relationship does. However, I am going to believe that in 5, 12, 33 years, we will still enjoy the company of one another; in fact, we will enjoy it even more than we do now. I've seen it happen with my own parents and I choose to believe it will happen with us. Anyway, it's not that big of a deal, but it sure does get old. All that to say, we loved our time with Watsons and Taylors in Portland. :)

Another thing, I am now one of the vocal music teachers at Yukon High School. Want to know who the other one is? Oh, just my mom. Yes, my mom!! We'll both be full-time and teaching together as a team. It was a pretty crazy turn of events that led me to apply and interview for this job and I'm so glad it all worked out. I've been affirmed many times that this is where I'm supposed to be this next year.

And... Regina Spektor's new album "Far" is absolutely wonderful. She's just brilliant all the way around. You really can't ever peg her as far as her sound and style are concerned. You'll go from intense, serious, and smart to fun, girly, and simple. I just love that about her writing. Every track is a great track. You should buy it.

As for now, the band is in Florida playing for a camp. After this, just a few more weeks of summer and then back to scho..... eh, I'm not going to say it yet. :)


  1. cLAAAAAIre!!! I can't believe that you AND your mom are going to be the new VMD teachers at Yukon High school!!! Congratulations! That is pretty crazy. And about your "old married couple" comments...I know you too well...I could hear your voice saying those comments in a silly hick accent before you even had to explain...hahaha! I love you so much and I am so excited for you!

  2. horrray!!! i cant wait to see what you two put together, its gonna be grrreat! i love you, come home now please. : )

  3. Way to go, Claire! I am so proud of you, and excited about your new job!!! How fun is it that you get to teach with your little momma?! Miss you, love you.

  4. i know, i wanted you to be there!!!

  5. Hooray for life!! I love you...and am ready to do life with you. Thanks. :)


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