Sunday, November 29, 2009

i wish i had a river i could skate away on

It's officially been decided. I will be running the OKC half marathon on April 25th. And now that I've announced it to all of you, I really do have to do it! I'm not training very strictly for it yet, but I'm just running regularly and trying to build my endurance. Right now I'm running 3 miles, which I haven't done since I was a sophomore in college. I know that 'training' for half marathons and making a big deal out of them sounds silly to people who run full marathons all the time; BUT I was not born a runner and have never really been a great runner, so yes, this is a big deal. And yes, I will be putting the 13.1 sticker on my car... hopefully to be followed by a 26.2 sticker someday. Just thought I'd get that out there. :)

Well, it's very sad that Thanksgiving break is over. It was so absolutely relaxing. I'm not sure I ever feel relaxed during the normal work week. But hey, 3 more weeks and another break is here. We already have our Christmas tree up and Colt is in the process of getting lights on the house. (Lights on my own house!) We've been listening to Sarah Mclachlan's Christmas album and it puts me right in the holiday mood. Now all we need is a little bit of snow...

Here are just a few lovely Christmastime moments....

my (parent's) home

the wonderful snow that came junior year when school actually got cancelled
shawnee snowflakes

caroling for kerr christmas... people said we were awkward and I'm just not sure why

christmas parties at mason's house

our black and white christmas dinner party

our engagement day... December 15th

Let's all try to take a chill pill and enjoy the winter season. :) Until next time...


  1. ohhhhh, how wonderful!!! I love all the pictures!! good memories. you know, I also decided about a month ago to run the okc half marathon...i was just scared to tell people b/c of how much work I know I have to do beforehand...I hate when people think that I'm a runner - b/c I am definitely NOT (anymore). Deep breathe! We can do it, Claire!

  2. Claaaaire!!! You're running a half-marathon!! Soooo proud of you! Keep up the training, Im sure you CAN DO IT!! Wish I could run with you and AbbyJay... itll be so much fun!
    Love you, miss you and...only 17 more days till we get to hang in the Northwest! I'm excited!


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