Tuesday, December 29, 2009

in portland

We arrived in Portland, OR yesterday at about 1:00 without my bags. In the airport lady's words, "Your bags didn't make the connection." My bags didn't make the connection?? It's a good thing that Colt dealt with her and I didn't. I don't know about you, but I wasn't aware that my bags had the capability or incapability in themselves to make the connection to the next flight. They don't have legs. They didn't just decide to stop and get a cup of coffee and then accidentally miss the flight. Not to make something serious out of something funny, but honestly, don't we all just blame and blame and blame? Nothing could possibly ever be my fault. This lady totally avoided the fact that somebody was in charge of my bags. She should have said, "Some airport worker didn't do his job fully and your bags weren't transferred to the next flight." Anyway, the bags arrived at Brad and Mirela's house around 9:00 last night, so all is well.

If you think you're even just a little bit cool, go to Portland and you will realize that you have a long way to go. :) Brad and Mirela have a cute little home on Belmont Street that is surrounded by lots of other cute little homes, restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, etc. Everything you really need is within walking distance. I just love it here.

It's so wonderful to spend entire days with Colt. When you really count it up, on the average workday, we probably spend a total of 3-4 hours really with each other (and that has to include, making dinner, working out, doing laundry, doing dishes......). I love being on the same schedule and in the same places all day long. Too bad we have to make money and have jobs.

Off to breakfast...

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  1. ha! i can just imagine you saying that to the lady. would have been great. glad youre having fun!


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